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Why Use A Tanning Cream?

After years of investigation into the effects of tanning on the skin, leading dermatologists recommend you apply a tanning cream prior to tanning.
Good skin care is essential for maximum tanning results and a faster safer tan.

It's a FACT that if a lotion is not applied, your skin will be dry and will actually reflect the tanning rays.

You could be losing up to 60% of your tanning time. This is due to the dry skin that reflects the tanning rays and in some cases cause irritation or sensitive skin.

In theory you will not receive the maximum tanning during the paid time.
It may be that during a 12 minute tanning session without a tanning lotion you could only receive 5 minutes of your tanning session.

So by applying a good quality skin lotion you are:

Hydrating & looking after your skin

Increasing the life extent of your tan

Achieving the maximum value for your money